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Why does IVO Systems not provide bidding software?

There’s many options for bidding software in the heavy civil industry. If you’re large enough, using bidding software is necessary.

We at IVO Systems understand the need for bidding software, but we also understand how different bidding software is from what we do- primarily operational software.

We recognize that typically, you might bid 20 jobs for every one job that you get. You need to set up each bid for each job as quickly and as accurately as possible. When you do get the job, you need to revise and update the information you have in order for it to be ready for the field.

Because of this, when you’re using operations software that’s really based on bidding software, you’re not getting the full operational value out of the software. Your operations are tied to your bids, and bidding and operations don’t always line up.

We’ve faced these struggles before, which is why our software is strictly operations. You can then bring in that bidding information and have access to it on our platform through TimeVO. We know that you make and lose money in the field, and that’s where we want to help you. IVO Systems was built to help you in the field and in the office with all your operational needs.

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