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Why is IVO more useful for my company than using a platform like Excel?

For a company of the right size, IVO Systems is an improvement over Excel or Google Spreadsheets. These tools are often used to manage equipment, preventative maintenance schedules and employee information and they are helpful for keeping track of data. But with these tools, you’re bound to have errors, and tracking history when issues arise can be challenging.

By using IVO Systems and aggregating all of this information- your equipment, your preventative maintenance, employee schedules- it is much easier to figure out where things are and what needs to be done.

IVO Systems allows you to have a historical record that you can go back to and review any actions taken in the past- something that can be a problem trying to figure out on Excel or Google spreadsheets. With IVO, your aggregated information is all in one single platform that is always there for you to review.

If you’d like to learn more about what IVO Systems can do for you, visit our website and schedule a demo with us.

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