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Who is not our ideal customer?

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If your company is too small- with only five pieces of equipment and under 10 employees, you don’t need software to help track and manage your company. You can use software such as Excel or even a legal pad with smaller numbers, but once you get to a certain level and add bigger branches or divisions with more employees and equipment, you are going to need a platform like IVO Systems to help you keep track.

On the contrary, companies that are too large, with international branches and tons of employees, are most likely going to be too big for our software. We may be able to service certain branches or pieces of equipment, but a bigger company is probably going to need a more enterprise based software that offers more features.

We are always open to meet with your company and schedule a demo to have a better understanding of your company and your needs to see if your company is a good fit for IVO Systems. You may find that with your specific needs, our modules may be what you need to manage your operations.

Please visit our website and reach out to learn more about our platform.

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