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Get real value out of your telematics enabled equipment

Sometimes, the toughest part of using telematics is getting value out of the tools and software that you may already have. Typically with our customers, they often have a lot of equipment that already has telematics on it- whether it’s from Caterpillar, Deere, or a third-party telematics system.

IVO Systems does not provide GPS trackers, instead you can bring all of that different equipment telematics data into one easy-to-use place, so that you can use it to help automate your maintenance processes. You can bring in your hour meters and update your equipment locations on our magnet board without having to sign into each manufacturer’s portal and input each individual hour meter or location. In addition, we help you get value from your idle time data so we can create reports from this information that you can actually use.

We know the importance of having a simple and easy system that works for you and your company, and that’s what we’ve accomplished with IVO Systems.

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