How does IVO Systems integrate with GPS enabled equipment?

At IVO Systems, we saw the need for a better way to access the valuable GPS data from heavy equipment.

Before our software, we faced the same issues you may face- having to log into three different websites, clicking on different pieces of equipment, trying to find the correct reports needed to immediately address the issues you’re having, and other issues.

We wanted efficiency, and that’s what we’ve achieved with our software. With our software, you are able to aggregate all your GPS enabled equipment into TelematicsVO, an extension of TrackVO, and provide the information that you need when you need it, so you can immediately address issues.

This allows you to track your operations down to a very specific level to understand and improve your operations, and stop problems before they happen.


How will IVO Systems help keep track of dispatching equipment?

There are many ways to keep track of dispatching equipment, including using a lowboy with an in-house driver or third-party driver. Sometimes equipment moves require oversize loads tickets, specific routes, or specific onsite deliveries.

All this information is a lot to keep track of, and things can change quickly in the construction industry. We created DispatchVO, an extension of TrackVO, to work together and help construction companies understand where their equipment fleet is located.

With DispatchVO, you know what needs to be done and when, all in the same platform. You need a system that is integrated with all of our features, including preventative maintenance, and that’s what we created.

IVO Systems works with your equipment in the most efficient way possible, therefore creating less issues, and more time for you to focus on what matters.