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How long is a contract? How do I make payments?

At a minimum, we do one-year contracts with new customers who want to use our software. This is a long-term commitment by both parties, and we want to provide our operational software for your company and give adequate time to use it and understand how it works.

We want partners who understand what it’s going to take to implement the software and are actively trying to use software to improve their operations. Although one year is minimum for us, we’ve had customers that have found that IVO Systems is a good fit for them and vice versa, and have signed contracts up to ten years.

Longer contracts often come with a discount for long-term signing, but as a new company we appreciate those who see value in us.

We are specifically trying to serve the heavy civil market, and if you are a heavy civil company using our features everyday and feel as if you have suggestions that would improve our software, we love having open and honest conversations with our customers. Our goal is to serve you as best as we can, and make your operations as efficient as possible.

We’ve been careful to not add too much to our software- because we want to keep it simple. However, we are definitely looking for partners to help us grow, as we help you grow. We value customers who are mutually beneficial, and as a new company we’d love if you gave us a chance to show you what IVO Systems is all about.

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Can you collect hour meters and manage mixed fleets?

We understand that most companies work with mixed fleets of equipment- with different manufacturer and third party GPS telematics, and other equipment without any ‘GPS tracking’.

At IVO Systems, we created our platform to manage any type of equipment. If you have GPS telematics enabled equipment we aggregate GPS telematics data and present them in an easy-to-review format for your convenience. With this layout, you can easily tackle any issues with equipment or specific units as soon as they arise.

In addition to this capability, our platform allows you to manage equipment manually moving locations and enter hour meters in the platform. Our system allows users of different access levels to view equipment locations and add in hour meters, permitting for the most accurate and up-to-date locations and hour meters for your equipment fleet.

We know how frustrating it can be to not have this information- that’s why we made it a priority for our software to keep accurate locations and hour meters aggregated with the latest information available all in one place.

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How is IVO Systems different from HCSS and B2W?

Watch to learn more about how we compare to HCSS and B2W

Many of our customers already use HCSS products, specifically HeavyBid and HeavyJob. We recommend those products for bidding your work and tracking how your bid is playing out with daily time cards for each bid. Those products are great, and we are not competing in the bidding or detailed time card market.

We see our value in providing services that help you track, dispatch and maintain your equipment. We provide a price for your entire company to have access to the software- for tasks such as scheduling employees, any project notes, and many other features. We focus on improving and tracking your operations in the field, where your profits are generated. 

With that access, your company is provided with better and more up-to-date information that will help you make informed decisions and improve productions, profitability and operations from the field or office.

That is the difference between IVO Systems and other platforms like HCSS and B2W- we provide company wide access and only what you need. 

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IVO System software updates and bug fixes

At IVO Systems, co-founder Bob Lien developed our software in-house, and we built our platform to be as simple as possible. We have a combined 25 years of experience in the heavy civil construction industry, and we’ve had our fair share of software that over-complicates our needs. We know what we want out of our software, and we’ve worked hard to eliminate any unnecessary features in order to streamline our platform and make it as efficient as possible.

If you come across any bugs or issues while using IVO Systems, we make ourselves available to help you and resolve any problems right away. As a new company, our users are the growth of our platform. If you have a need that you think could be addressed in our software, we are always looking for ways to improve and make our customer’s lives easier, and we would love to hear from you.

We are always discussing new ideas and having conversations with our customers, and as an IVO customer, you can help drive our future developments.

IVO Software Updates

IVO Systems Software Update – Scheduler Notifications

We have recently pushed out an update which includes added functionality for schedule notifications and the ability to limit information seen on schedule notifications by employee group. You may have to log out of the system and log back in for all of these changes to be accessible.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Send custom text message notifications to employees assigned to a job for a date
  • You can now see the notification history for an employee on any date, including schedule notifications and custom notifications:
  • Revamped schedule notification text message links — employees will now receive a web link to their schedule for a date instead of a PDF. This new page does not require them to login and is specific to them, reflecting any limits you set on their access to information. Please see an example of how they look here: You can quickly change what job information an employee can see by changing the settings for their employee group as seen below:
  • Personal Notes (specific to an employee) no longer copy automatically when copying a day’s schedule. Instead, there is a checkbox which you can select if you would like to copy each individual note from that date.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these updates or run into any problems. 

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What are the challenges of managing heavy equipment?

Co-founders Eric Christensen and Bob Lien both used to work in the field and office at a heavy civil company, and were frustrated with the information gap between the two.

There’s a lot of steps taken to ensure you have the right equipment- calling the dispatcher, talking with the foreman and other operators, all to make sure you know where the equipment is located. We didn’t like having to chase down equipment, and we knew there was a better way.

We like to think of our software as an online magnet board. If you have many pieces of equipment you need a software that will set up specific filters to find each piece of equipment, just like a magnet board.

An example we like to use is when you have a main line pipe crew working in a downtown setting with quad axle dump trucks, which is a couple thousand dollar per hour crew. Then, you come across an un-located utility and you need a mini excavator. Using IVO Systems, you can easily filter the mini excavators, find where one is, create a dispatch ticket and get it to the site quickly.

That’s the advantage of having all this information at your fingertips- no matter where you are.

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What experience do our co-founders have and why did they want to create IVO Systems? Bob Lien

Bob Lien is one of the co-founders of IVO Systems. His background is in the heavy civil construction industry, and he has experience as a web software developer. At his last position, Bob helped manage the heavy equipment fleet and dealt with a lot of software, including leading the implementation of HCSS Equipment360.  

Bob was not satisfied with the options that were available for software, due to their high costs and their lack of features that were necessary. He and Eric then partnered to create IVO Systems- a software solution that would fill these gaps. 

IVO Systems help customers get a better handle on their equipment and operations, and Bob is pleased with the amount of customers IVO has been able to successfully help so far. 

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What experience do our co-founders have and why did they want to create IVO Systems? Eric Christensen

Eric Christensen is one of IVO Systems co-founders. He was born and raised in Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a degree in civil engineering. He started as a design engineer and inspector and then became a senior estimator at a construction company in Cottage Grove, just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. 

During his time there, he became a professional engineer, master plumber and certified soil tester. He felt that these certifications made him a more well-rounded and knowledgeable engineer when working with and presenting to other engineers and owners. 

While working in a technologically advanced company, Eric was exposed to the software that was being used and saw a need to bring the industry forward with his own ideas and software. Using the same methods that have been used for decades is no longer the best way to get things done, and that’s why Eric and Bob started IVO Systems. Eric truly believes that IVO Systems is helping bring the industry forward and wants to help as many companies as possible. 

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How To videos

Below are videos on various topics to help guide you while you use IVO Systems. For any further questions, please contact us at (608) 509-7431 or

TrackVO and DispatchVO- How to add and use project addresses
TrackVO- manually move equipment with no dispatch ticket
TrackVO- Basic use of the tracking page
DispatchVO- how to review dispatch ticket, reorder, edit and update
DispatchVO- how to reorder dispatch tickets for the company and driver
DispatchVO- how to notify a truck driver with dispatch ticket
DispatchVO- how to create a dispatch ticket
DispatchVO- how to view dashboard for truck drivers from mobile device
DispatchVO- how to create custom dispatch ticket with no equipment (only notes)
IVO Blog Testimonials

Customer Testimonial: Mitch Urbanowicz with Monona Plumbing and Fire

Mitch Urbanowicz manages the site utility and earthwork division for Monona Plumbing and Fire. In addition to managing their fleet of heavy equipment for earthwork and plumbing divisions, he has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and heavy equipment market. He uses IVO Systems everyday. Below is our interview with Mitch.

Watch the full testimonial here.

Do you use other software daily? Does your company use other software daily?

I mean, the only software we actually use daily would be like Sage, which is our accounting software or Outlook or something like that.
It’s not- no other type of tracking software, equipment, software that we use daily. No.

Why did you choose IVO Systems’ platform over other software options?

A couple of reasons, when I was first trying to implement something, we were just using spreadsheets and I couldn’t find anything that didn’t use either trackers, it was you had you had to have GPS trackers on your equipment or it was part of a larger software package that was extremely expensive and complicated. So that’s why I went with what Bob was putting together with the IVO software.

What kind of troubles did you face before using IVO systems?

We were using spreadsheets and the biggest thing was it was taking me a lot of time to go in and first off, move the equipment on the spreadsheets. And then I was using a word document for the truck driver. Every day I had a separate sheet for him. And then I did that so I can go back and track or follow up on what I did in the past. So it was taking me a large amount of time to try and keep all the stuff separate. And then everyone was just sending me their information and expected me to figure out which machines that they were using and what was going on. So that’s that’s why I went that way.

What features do you use most often?

Definitely the equipment tracking and then the truck driver dispatching and it’s easy is the reason we use it. I’ve got three superintendents that go in and they put in their own equipment moves and then I just go in once a day at the end of the day typically and adjust when they need it for the truck driver. And then it really gets me out of the middle of what it lets them manage it and just me keep track of what’s going on.

What do you like best about IVO systems?

The ease of use and then the fact that it travels with a sense whether it’s on our phones and everyone has access to it.

Is there anything you wish you would’ve known before you started using IVO Systems?

So probably the biggest thing is that I went through it, set everything up, and if I would have known the best way to number my equipment. Because I did spend a lot of time setting it up one way and then changing how I set it up, so that’s probably the biggest thing I wish I knew going in.

What type of company would you recommend use IVO Systems? When should they think about using software like IVO Systems?

Anybody that’s moving stuff with trucks or has to keep track of equipment and dispatch trucks, I would say could utilize it. And then at what point would someone need to start using it or should they look at start using it? I’d say once, what’s your point where you’re moving equipment every day, it’s so much easier to keep track of it. I mean, you get a quick one click of your phone and you can figure out where machines at and know for sure that that’s where it’s at. It’s been easy. I mean, my guys aren’t necessarily computer guys and they had no trouble learning to use it. And it works.