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Who is IVO System’s ideal customer?

We can help construction companies of all sizes and types improve their operations, but our main focus right now is the heavy civil construction market, because that’s where both of our co-founders have the most experience.

Trying to manage your operations is not always easy- you may have multiple spreadsheets that need to constantly be updated by people in the field and people in the office. This means that occasionally, things can get quickly mixed up or missed completely.

If your company has found itself in a situation like this, we can help you. You need software to help manage your operations, and in our opinion, there’s no software easier to implement, learn and use than IVO Systems. You know what you want and need, and we know we can help.

Information collected in the field is immediately available to the office and vice versa, making your operations run smoothly with accurate and constantly updated information. Specifically, heavy civil construction companies managing larger fleets of equipment and employees.

Those are the people we can help right now, people who are actively looking for software to help them manage their operations.We’d love the opportunity to see if IVO Systems can help address your specific needs.

About IVO IVO Blog

Why does IVO Systems not provide bidding software?

There’s many options for bidding software in the heavy civil industry. If you’re large enough, using bidding software is necessary.

We at IVO Systems understand the need for bidding software, but we also understand how different bidding software is from what we do- primarily operational software.

We recognize that typically, you might bid 20 jobs for every one job that you get. You need to set up each bid for each job as quickly and as accurately as possible. When you do get the job, you need to revise and update the information you have in order for it to be ready for the field.

Because of this, when you’re using operations software that’s really based on bidding software, you’re not getting the full operational value out of the software. Your operations are tied to your bids, and bidding and operations don’t always line up.

We’ve faced these struggles before, which is why our software is strictly operations. You can then bring in that bidding information and have access to it on our platform through TimeVO. We know that you make and lose money in the field, and that’s where we want to help you. IVO Systems was built to help you in the field and in the office with all your operational needs.

About IVO IVO Blog

Why does IVO Systems not provide accounting software?

When companies need to better manage their project costs, they often look for software solutions, which in many cases means graduating from a system like Quickbooks to a higher and more construction-specific accounting software.

After these companies grow, they then try to use the same accounting software to manage their operations. This is cause for complication, as accounting and operations are often managed differently.

Using accounting software to run your operations limits the field usability of the software. Our software is made specifically to be used in the field- where you make and lose your money.

At IVO Systems, we developed our software to be strictly for operational purposes. Our software helps improve your field operations, by collecting and aggregating all data from all your employees, GPS/Telematics data with TelematicsVO, and any other information entered into our platform. We can then export that same information into your accounting software.

We believe that operations is what is driving construction companies, which is why we only do operations. We are specialized in the heavy civil operational software market.

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How much does IVO Systems’ software cost?

You can find our video answering this question right here.

At IVO Systems, we want to keep pricing as simple as possible for you. We use a yearly subscription fee structure that is based on the needs for your specific company, which allows company wide access for anyone who needs it. 

With this subscription, you get access to each of your chosen modules, plus FieldVO. We understand that everyone may not use all modules, but we want to provide that access because we believe all our tools are helpful for your operations. In our experience, many customers have found that they end up using most or all of the features we provide, even when they didn’t expect to. 

We know your operations are changing rapidly, and that’s why we price our software based on your company and what you need. During a demo with IVO Systems, we want to have an honest conversation about who we are and what we can do for you, and understand if we can help with your specific needs. 

Our fees start very low- anywhere from $3000 for a small Mom and Pop company, up to five figures for very large construction companies with wide needs.

We work to make sure that your company has a successful implementation and improve your company’s bottom line, and our early users’ success has really made us believe in that. We hope we can bring on your company and grow your operations!

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How is IVO Systems’ Software Different?

Our co-founders were frustrated with the desktop-based, seat-based, and confusing heavy civil software options (accounting, estimating, operations, etc.)

Therefore we built modern mobile-friendly software on the Amazon cloud for easy access and updates. This is a unique feature for IVO Systems’ entire platform.

What this means for you is that you can access your data and reports from anywhere- from the field, office, or shop.

As we’ve discussed in other articles, like our guide to construction software, IVO Systems is focused on improving your daily operations. We want everyone in your company to benefit from using our software.

That said, we understand that there is a big difference in what information an owner or vice president needs to access compared to a lowboy driver. You are able to control this by setting different access levels based on what you want different workers in your company to be able to see.

For example, a Vice President of Operations may want to see all dispatch tickets available in DispatchVO, but a driver would only need to see the ones assigned to them.

Finally, your pricing is based on how much data you want in the system, and which features you want to use.

It doesn’t make sense to pay for software you aren’t going to use. That’s why we focus on bringing value to everyone in your company.

We charge an annual subscription fee that gives everyone in your company access to each chosen module, and understand that not all features will be used by everyone.

Our software works best when your employees are using it, so you can have up to date and accurate information across your company.

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What you get out of an IVO Systems demo

We understand that time is tight during your work day and that you are extremely busy. You simply may not have time to dedicate 20 minutes to sitting at your computer participating in a demo.

We want to make sure you know your time will not be wasted, and understand that we provide high value in those 20 minutes so that you can walk away from the demo having learned something new.

There are three primary reasons to do a demo with IVO.

  • You will understand how your company may benefit from a mobile-friendly, up to date and easy to use operations software. The construction industry is constantly changing, and it is important to understand what is available to you in terms of software and technology.
  • You will get an honest conversation about the market and our strengths and weaknesses compared to our competitors. We will be entirely up front with you if we do not feel IVO is the best fit for your specific needs.
  • You will learn how our experience and knowledge in software and heavy civil construction will directly translate to your needs. Our founders have over 25 years of heavy civil construction experience, from estimating and operations to equipment management.

We are confident you will benefit from just 20 minutes of your time. Use the Request Demo button below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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How IVO is an improvement over Excel and Google Sheets

Excel, and platforms similar to it such as Google Sheets are often turned to as tools used to manage schedules, employees, equipment, and more for any construction team. These tools are meant to reduce complications and increase organization, but often do not work as easily as hoped.

These tools are based on user input and bound for errors, as creating formulas for organizing data is often more complex than anticipated. Information is not in real time, meaning important decisions may be made without the most up to date information.

Your company is based on your workforce- and people and equipment cannot be reduced down to a formula. IVO Systems software is built to understand the intricate dynamics of a workforce and ensure that information is always accurate and updated.

Using IVO Systems saves time- with minimal risk of error, there is more time to focus on what’s next, instead of trying to figure out where you went wrong. Plus, a historical record of all data is automatically saved, meaning information from the past can easily be reviewed and used to make future decisions.

Maintaining tools like Excel and Google Sheets requires time intensive labor every day. IVO simplifies this process with automatic updates in real time- reducing equipment and labor cost.

One of the most appealing features of IVO is its ability to be used anywhere, at any time. IVO is mobile-friendly, meaning it can be used on a mobile device anywhere on a construction site. Excel is only computer friendly, making it harder to communicate outside of the office.

Having easily accessible and updated information at your fingertips eliminates mistakes and helps keep decision making as efficient and as accurate as possible.

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Getting started- What construction software is right for my company?

Our software is mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed and viewed from any device.

Complications, issues, and stress are an undeniable component to the construction industry. Your projects don’t always go as smoothly as planned. There’s an array of possible issues- such as losing track of important information, falling behind on maintenance and repair, difficulties with equipment tracking, confusing employee schedules, delays and missed deadlines. When your construction site is unorganized, nobody benefits, and time and money are wasted.

Many companies like yours employ construction software to try and mitigate these issues. Popular uses for construction software are bidding and estimating, job costing and accounting, or operations and equipment management.

Many software platforms lack equal access to information for all users, and include too much unnecessary information, which in turn creates a disorganized and misinformed workforce. They may claim to instantly solve your problems, but leave out how complex this process is with their software.

Software platforms such as HCSS and B2W are different from IVO with specialties such as bidding and cost association with each project. These platforms make a database and build a spreadsheet based on project costs- including different pay rates, projects, installations and supplier quotes. Bidding material for labor cost is a specialty of these companies. Currently, we have no plans to compete with this sort of bidding software and we recommend companies such as HCSS and B2W.

Shown below is a table comparing the products of IVO and other competing software. This data is helpful when comparing the current abilities of IVO to HCSS and B2W.

IVO is all about improving operations and controlling productions, and while we do not provide bidding software, we are easily able to work with third party systems that do, and can be customized to what your company needs.

In addition, we work with all major equipment manufacturers such as Caterpillar, John Deere, and Komatsu, as well as third party GPS telematic add on systems (Trimble, Samsara, etc.). While we don’t provide GPS hardware, we work with these systems to aggregate the information and provide it in one easy to use platform. We want companies to trust the data we provide, which is why access to immediate information is so important.

We understand these issues, and with over 25 years of combined construction experience, we are here to help. We provide a single source of truth for all employees to understand and refer to. When everyone has up to date access to the information they need from one single source, everyone is able to make informed decisions across all offices and sites.

We specialize in keeping track of project and equipment locations and aggregating data to keep up to date information on preventative maintenance schedules, dispatching, and entering hour meters. When equipment isn’t properly organized and tracked, critical project information is delayed, further complicating projects and construction management. IVO puts information into the user’s hands that will help them make the right decisions from anywhere- in an office or on a construction site.

By using IVO’s modern web-based software structure, a historical record for all past movements and locations of all equipment can be referred to at any point. This includes information on who used it. Where it was located. When it was used. This makes it easy to keep track of repairs, and double check for any errors in communication.

At IVO, we believe everyone from the lowboy driver to the owner deserves the information they need to succeed right at their fingertips, and it is our goal to work with every customer to make this a reality. Request a demo using the button below, and comment any questions you may have!

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