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Get real value out of your telematics enabled equipment

Sometimes, the toughest part of using telematics is getting value out of the tools and software that you may already have. Typically with our customers, they often have a lot of equipment that already has telematics on it- whether it’s from Caterpillar, Deere, or a third-party telematics system.

IVO Systems does not provide GPS trackers, instead you can bring all of that different equipment telematics data into one easy-to-use place, so that you can use it to help automate your maintenance processes. You can bring in your hour meters and update your equipment locations on our magnet board without having to sign into each manufacturer’s portal and input each individual hour meter or location. In addition, we help you get value from your idle time data so we can create reports from this information that you can actually use.

We know the importance of having a simple and easy system that works for you and your company, and that’s what we’ve accomplished with IVO Systems.

GPS/Telematics IVO Blog

Can you collect hour meters and manage mixed fleets?

We understand that most companies work with mixed fleets of equipment- with different manufacturer and third party GPS telematics, and other equipment without any ‘GPS tracking’.

At IVO Systems, we created our platform to manage any type of equipment. If you have GPS telematics enabled equipment we aggregate GPS telematics data and present them in an easy-to-review format for your convenience. With this layout, you can easily tackle any issues with equipment or specific units as soon as they arise.

In addition to this capability, our platform allows you to manage equipment manually moving locations and enter hour meters in the platform. Our system allows users of different access levels to view equipment locations and add in hour meters, permitting for the most accurate and up-to-date locations and hour meters for your equipment fleet.

We know how frustrating it can be to not have this information- that’s why we made it a priority for our software to keep accurate locations and hour meters aggregated with the latest information available all in one place.


How does IVO Systems integrate with GPS enabled equipment?

At IVO Systems, we saw the need for a better way to access the valuable GPS data from heavy equipment.

Before our software, we faced the same issues you may face- having to log into three different websites, clicking on different pieces of equipment, trying to find the correct reports needed to immediately address the issues you’re having, and other issues.

We wanted efficiency, and that’s what we’ve achieved with our software. With our software, you are able to aggregate all your GPS enabled equipment into TelematicsVO, an extension of TrackVO, and provide the information that you need when you need it, so you can immediately address issues.

This allows you to track your operations down to a very specific level to understand and improve your operations, and stop problems before they happen.


Integrating your GPS and Telematics Equipment

If you have a fleet of newer equipment, you have access to GPS and telematics data from the equipment manufacturers. This data is extremely important for you, but since you are so busy, it can be difficult to get any value out of it.

The data provided includes equipment locations, hour meters for preventative maintenance, idle time reports, and more. This is critical data you need, but it’s challenging to stay on top of it.

A big problem for you is that you likely have heavy equipment from multiple manufacturers such as CAT, John Deere, Komatsu, etc. This means you have to log on to multiple GPS/telematics systems to get the full picture of your fleet.

This takes up too much time when you are focused on your projects and getting the job done.

You need to be able to access all your equipment data in one place. This is what TelematicsVO can accomplish for you. We integrate with all equipment manufacturers and third party GPS/telematics hardware.

In one mobile friendly platform, IVO gets you the information you need by:

  • Showing all equipment locations through geofences, with your GPS-enabled pieces moving automatically in the system
  • Automatically reporting preventative maintenance items through custom alerts based on your needs
  • Providing daily and weekly idle time reports so you can understand where the equipment is, what pieces were idling, and for how long

You may also have equipment that does not have GPS/telematics available. IVO can help with this as well. You can move equipment in the system with two clicks from any device, and from the field or office with TrackVO.

Additionally, you can track preventative maintenance and work orders just as easily with MaintainVO.

IVO can help you regardless of the makeup of your fleet. We’d be happy to show you how we can meet your specific needs on a short 20 minute demo.


Reduce your equipment idle cost through automated reporting

The solution to reducing idle time

Idle time can be difficult to curb. All machines will have idle time and sometimes high idle percentages are necessary depending on work performed.

Receiving daily automated idle reports with TelematicsVO, an extension of TrackVO, like the one below helps management see the root cause of idle time because you know what, when, and where the machine was working. This process improves project/operator accountability across the company.

The problem with using manufacturer system reporting

The biggest obstacle to monitoring your idle time is that typically you have multiple manufacturer systems that you must access to view your data.

Our solution is to automatically bring your data into one system which produces your reports in a consistent format on a regular basis to provide actionable data to the people who need it and when they need it.

If you are interested in these idle time reports or any of our other great features, we’d be happy to discuss it further with you on a free 20-minute consultation.


Integrate your existing Telematics/GPS Equipment

Get value from your existing equipment

Our mobile-friendly system integrates with telematics systems that report on the latest AEMP/ISO standards including Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Volvo, Hitachi and others. This is done in our TelematicsVO module, an extension of TrackVO. Connecting your equipment allows you to:

  • View equipment locations in one platform, no more logging into multiple systems
  • Have equipment locations automatically updated in our system based on GPS location
  • Receive regular idle time reports via email allowing you to see which machines are idling, how much, and where they were each day
  • Automatically bring in hour meter readings to keep preventative maintenance schedules up to date

We work with mixed fleets too. Integrate your non-GPS equipment for manual one-click location moves in the system. If you are interested in this or any of our other great features, we would be happy to discuss this further with you on a free 20-minute consultation.