Preventative Maintenance

How does IVO Systems track preventative maintenance for heavy equipment?

Tracking preventative maintenance for heavy equipment is an incredibly difficult task for heavy civil construction companies. Equipment is spread across the state, the country and multiple job sites.

In addition to locating equipment with TrackVO, you need to be on top of oil changes, hydraulic fluids, and other key factors that get missed in the shuffle. By aggregating all of your information into MaintainVO, keeping up with preventative maintenance is easy.

The success of MaintainVO is best exemplified by one of our first customers who was looking to hire someone to help manage equipment, locations and preventative maintenance, but instead decided to give our software a try. They believe it has been more beneficial to use the software, as it aggregates so much information from so many different sources.

These customers had completed all preventative maintenance tasks within just 40 hours, and we had to create a “show all” list feature for the software, as they thought they had broken the system, when in reality they had just fully caught up with all the preventative maintenance alerts.

Stories like that reinforce our belief in what we’ve created in our preventative maintenance software features, as it allows heavy civil companies to really track this information accurately and stay up to date with the work to maintain these expensive and valuable heavy equipment fleets.

Preventative Maintenance

Managing Preventative Maintenance

This is our maintenance dashboard alert list. It's part of our preventative maintenance tracking feature.

Both during the busy season and outside of it, it is challenging to stay on top of preventative maintenance and repairs.

You try to collect all the latest information needed and store it by memory or an excel table, but the same communication and data collection issues still remain.

You need current hour meters and work orders.

You get frustrated when you need a piece of equipment that requires service. Worse yet, a piece gets missed in the shuffle of mobilizations and breaks down due to missed PM.

There are several preventative maintenance software programs available, but most do not truly integrate with the rest of your daily operations such as project/equipment locations, dispatching, and crew scheduling.

Keeping track of maintenance for your equipment doesn’t have to be difficult. With MaintainVO, tracking and scheduling for preventative maintenance has never been easier.

You can create automated preventative maintenance schedules and alerts, based on customizable hour meters and set dates and durations.

You can easily integrate with any GPS telematics data from multiple fleets with TelematicsVO, meaning all smart and “dumb” equipment can be aggregated into one simple platform.

Additionally, you can create work orders and set up email or text notifications to responsible parties of upcoming preventative maintenance work.

Equipment work order history is automatically saved and can be reviewed at any time. Daily and weekly maintenance reports are available for easy review (and can be emailed too).

Your mechanics have custom user dashboards that show open and closed work orders as well as equipment technical details and history. This creates a to do list with priorities and at the same time creates a complete historical record for your specific equipment.

Don’t let your mechanics time and knowledge go to waste, create detailed reports that help everybody from the parts runner to the owner have the information you need when and where you need it most.

Preventative Maintenance

Track your preventative maintenance and work orders

Create automated maintenance schedules and alerts

It can be incredibly frustrating to track and schedule preventative maintenance on your equipment, especially when it is out working on projects. With IVO Systems and MaintainVO, it doesn’t have to be.

Easily create automated preventative maintenance schedules and alerts based on hour meters and date/duration. Utilize GPS and manually entered hour meters to track ALL equipment maintenance in the same system.

Additionally, you can create work orders and set up email or text notifications to responsible parties of upcoming preventative maintenance work. Then when the work is done, the equipment work order history is updated. Finally, you can also receive daily or weekly maintenance reports for easy review.

If you are interested in this or any of our other great features, we would be happy to discuss this further with you on a free 20-minute consultation.