A module of the Integrated Virtual Operation (IVO) Systems

You need quick access to your information wherever you are.

FieldVO provides a user-defined dashboard for commonly performed tasks.

FieldVO works together with each IVO Systems module and allows custom setups so training is simplified.

FieldVO is included with any purchase of an IVO Systems Module.

IVO Systems offers unlimited users, so each user has their own User Dashboard where they will see their own schedule, dispatch tickets, work orders, etc. Managers can view these across all users depending on their role within your company.

FieldVO also provides the ability to quickly search for specific pieces of equipment and view equipment details, complete equipment moves or work orders, and add an hour meter reading or PM among other options.

You can view specific equipment details or complete heavy equipment moves with TrackVO and DispatchVO.

You can also quick add a work order or PM with MaintainVO right from your User Dashboard.

Most IVO Systems modules can be controlled or accessed through FieldVO depending on your company’s needs. This allows for easy implementation and training of your employees as most actions can be taken from one screen.

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