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  • Why does IVO Systems not provide bidding software?
    Click here to watch our video answering this question. There’s many options for bidding software in the heavy civil industry. If you’re large enough, using bidding software is necessary. We at IVO Systems understand the need for bidding software, but we also understand how different bidding software is from what we do- primarily operational software. We recognize that typically, you might bid 20 jobs for every one job that you get. You need to set up each bid for each job as quickly and as accurately as possible. When you do get the job, you need to revise and update […]
  • Why does IVO Systems not provide accounting software?
    Click here to watch our video answering this question. When companies need to better manage their project costs, they often look for software solutions, which in many cases means graduating from a system like Quickbooks to a higher and more construction-specific accounting software. After these companies grow, they then try to use the same accounting software to manage their operations. This is cause for complication, as accounting and operations are often managed differently. Using accounting software to run your operations limits the field usability of the software. Our software is made specifically to be used in the field- where you […]
  • How does IVO Systems track preventative maintenance for heavy equipment?
    You can watch our video answering this question right here. Tracking preventative maintenance for heavy equipment is an incredibly difficult task for heavy civil construction companies. Equipment is spread across the state, the country and multiple job sites. In addition to locating equipment, you need to be on top of oil changes, hydraulic fluids, and other key factors that get missed in the shuffle. By aggregating all of your information into one platform, keeping up with preventative maintenance is easy. The success of our preventative maintenance feature is best exemplified by one of our first customers who was looking to […]
  • How much does IVO Systems’ software cost?
    You can find our video answering this question right here. At IVO Systems, we want to keep pricing as simple as possible for you. We use a yearly subscription fee structure that is based on the needs for your specific company, which allows company wide access for anyone who needs it.  With this subscription, you get access to all of our features. We understand that you may not use all of our features, but we want to provide that access because we believe all our tools are helpful for your operations. In our experience, many customers have found that they […]
  • How does IVO Systems integrate with GPS enabled equipment?
    You can find our video answering this question right here. At IVO Systems, we saw the need for a better way to access the valuable GPS data from heavy equipment. Before our software, we faced the same issues you may face- having to log into three different websites, clicking on different pieces of equipment, trying to find the correct reports needed to immediately address the issues you’re having, and other issues. We wanted efficiency, and that’s what we’ve achieved with our software. With our software, you are able to aggregate all your GPS enabled equipment into a single platform and […]
  • How will IVO Systems help keep track of dispatching equipment?
    You can find our video answering this question right here. There are many ways to keep track of dispatching equipment, including using a lowboy with an in-house driver or third-party driver. Sometimes equipment moves require oversize loads tickets, specific routes, or specific onsite deliveries. All this information is a lot to keep track of, and things can change quickly in the construction industry. We created a dispatching feature that integrates with our software to work together and help construction companies understand where their equipment fleet is located. With this feature, you know what needs to be done and when, all […]
  • How is IVO Systems’ Software Different?
    You can find our video answering this question right here. Our co-founders were frustrated with the desktop-based, seat-based, and confusing heavy civil software options (accounting, estimating, operations, etc.) Therefore we built modern mobile-friendly software on the Amazon cloud for easy access and updates. This is a unique feature for IVO Systems’ entire platform. What this means for you is that you can access your data and reports from anywhere- from the field, office, or shop. As we’ve discussed in other articles, like our guide to construction software, IVO Systems is focused on improving your daily operations. We want everyone in […]
  • Integrating your GPS and Telematics Equipment
    If you have a fleet of newer equipment, you have access to GPS and telematics data from the equipment manufacturers. This data is extremely important for you, but since you are so busy, it can be difficult to get any value out of it. The data provided includes equipment locations, hour meters for preventative maintenance, idle time reports, and more. This is critical data you need, but it’s challenging to stay on top of it. A big problem for you is that you likely have heavy equipment from multiple manufacturers such as CAT, John Deere, Komatsu, etc. This means you […]
  • Managing Preventative Maintenance
    Both during the busy season and outside of it, it is challenging to stay on top of preventative maintenance and repairs. You try to collect all the latest information needed and store it by memory or an excel table, but the same communication and data collection issues still remain. You need current hour meters and work orders. You get frustrated when you need a piece of equipment that requires service. Worse yet, a piece gets missed in the shuffle of mobilizations and breaks down due to missed PM. There are several preventative maintenance software programs available, but most do not […]
  • What you get out of an IVO Systems demo
    We understand that time is tight during your work day and that you are extremely busy. You simply may not have time to dedicate 20 minutes to sitting at your computer participating in a demo. We want to make sure you know your time will not be wasted, and understand that we provide high value in those 20 minutes so that you can walk away from the demo having learned something new. There are three primary reasons to do a demo with IVO. You will understand how your company may benefit from a mobile-friendly, up to date and easy to […]
  • How IVO is an improvement over Excel and Google Sheets
    Excel, and platforms similar to it such as Google Sheets are often turned to as tools used to manage schedules, employees, equipment, and more for any construction team. These tools are meant to reduce complications and increase organization, but often do not work as easily as hoped. These tools are based on user input and bound for errors, as creating formulas for organizing data is often more complex than anticipated. Information is not in real time, meaning important decisions may be made without the most up to date information. Your company is based on your workforce- and people and equipment […]
  • Getting started- What construction software is right for my company?
    Complications, issues, and stress are an undeniable component to the construction industry. Your projects don’t always go as smoothly as planned. There’s an array of possible issues- such as losing track of important information, falling behind on maintenance and repair, difficulties with equipment tracking, confusing employee schedules, delays and missed deadlines. When your construction site is unorganized, nobody benefits, and time and money are wasted. Many companies like yours employ construction software to try and mitigate these issues. Popular uses for construction software are bidding and estimating, job costing and accounting, or operations and equipment management. Many software platforms lack […]
  • Manage dispatching between drivers and management
    We know that communication between the field and office is important, especially when it comes to dispatching and moving heavy equipment. This can be quite the struggle during busy seasons when moves happen often and things can change quickly. Notifying the field team and specific lowboy drivers that equipment needs to be moved is incredibly important in these cases. Our platform allows you to schedule and track future equipment moves and then relay that information to or from the field via text or email alerts. You can schedule the equipment moves in advance and allow others to add notes or […]
  • Reduce your equipment idle cost through automated reporting
    The solution to reducing idle time Idle time can be difficult to curb. All machines will have idle time and sometimes high idle percentages are necessary depending on work performed. Receiving daily automated idle reports like the one below helps management see the root cause of idle time because you know what, when, and where the machine was working. This process improves project/operator accountability across the company. The problem with using manufacturer system reporting The biggest obstacle to monitoring your idle time is that typically you have multiple manufacturer systems that you must access to view your data. Our solution […]
  • Track your preventative maintenance and work orders
    Create automated maintenance schedules and alerts It can be incredibly frustrating to track and schedule preventative maintenance on your equipment, especially when it is out working on projects. With IVO Systems, it doesn’t have to be. Easily create automated preventative maintenance schedules and alerts based on hour meters and date/duration. Utilize GPS and manually entered hour meters to track ALL equipment maintenance in the same system. Additionally, you can create work orders and set up email or text notifications to responsible parties of upcoming preventative maintenance work. Then when the work is done, the equipment work order history is updated. […]
  • Integrate your existing Telematics/GPS Equipment
    Get value from your existing equipment Our mobile-friendly system integrates with telematics systems that report on the latest AEMP/ISO standards including Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Volvo, Hitachi and others. Connecting your equipment allows you to: View equipment locations in one platform, no more logging into multiple systems Have equipment locations automatically updated in our system based on GPS location Receive regular idle time reports via email allowing you to see which machines are idling, how much, and where they were each day Automatically bring in hour meter readings to keep preventative maintenance schedules up to date We work with mixed […]