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  • IVO Sales Process
    Our sales process at IVO Systems is carefully designed to make sure we’re a good fit for you, the potential customer who is looking to add software to your toolbox.  We have several ways for you to reach out to us- we’re on social media platforms, our website has request demo forms and a live chat, and our company contact information is easy to find. We also send out different emails and our sales staff makes calls in order to find the right customers at the right time.  But overall, our sales process is focused on you. Whether you submitted […]
  • Dispatch Ticket Filter Update
    [00:00:00] Hi, Eric Christensen here at IVO Systems, and we just recently released a software update that really goes into allowing users to better sort and filter their dispatch tickets. This was requested by our users and what we love here at IVO Systems is getting requests from our customers that, we’re using this software so much that we need to filter and see more information faster. So of course, we would make that logical update to our software. Then from there, we also updated some of the looks and feel of the software as well, just to again, improve […]
  • Equipment Parts & Service
    Transcript: [00:00:02] Hi, Eric Christensen here with IVO Systems, and today we’d like to talk about why different companies- some companies run the same equipment manufacturer, some companies run mixed fleets. It depends on where you are in the country and being from Wisconsin, we’ve heard we’re maybe a little bit unique in this area. And in my experience and our experience is what people care about here is support. If you’ve got a piece of equipment, they don’t care what is on the side of it. You know what manufacturer it is, does it do the job and does […]
  • What is the future of IVO Systems?
    We created IVO Systems to be the operations software that we wished we had when we were working as heavy civil contractors. When we think about the future of IVO Systems, we are focused on the heavy civil market and the operations- where you lose and make your money. Scheduling, employee management, equipment and telematics are just a few of the things we believe are most important in keeping your operations running. Creating a software system that aggregates all of that information and makes it easy to review so that you can make informed decisions was incredibly difficult for us […]
  • How do you ensure your data is backed up?
    Many customers ask us how IVO Systems is hosted and what our backup procedures are. We host IVO Systems on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, and our backups run automatically all the time. AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to companies such as ours. We know how important availability of our app is and we also know how important your data is. We’re always working to make sure our app is available when you need it, and to ensure the security and availability of your data.
  • What experiences have customers had after implementation?
    Transcript: What experiences have customers had after implementation? [00:00:02] Hi, Eric Christensen here with IVO Systems, and today we’d just like to talk to you about what have our customers experienced after implementing IVO Systems and really as a new company, that is our main focus. And what we care about most is our current customers and are they getting value out of our software, and we’ve been very pleasantly surprised that they’re actively using it every day, even on the weekends. They’re using it how we hoped. And that’s what makes us most excited about our future here at […]
  • Get real value out of your telematics enabled equipment
    Sometimes, the toughest part of using telematics is getting value out of the tools and software that you may already have. Typically with our customers, they often have a lot of equipment that already has telematics on it- whether it’s from Caterpillar, Deere, or a third-party telematics system. IVO Systems does not provide GPS trackers, instead you can bring all of that different equipment telematics data into one easy-to-use place, so that you can use it to help automate your maintenance processes. You can bring in your hour meters and update your equipment locations on our magnet board without having […]
  • What kind of pricing does IVO Systems offer?
    Watch below to learn about IVO Systems pricing. Hi, Eric Christensen here with IVO Systems, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather in Wisconsin, so when it’s nice, you go outside, which leads us into IVO Systems pricing. We offer a full suite of products that will serve all of your operational needs. But we are a new company and we understand as a new company the value of getting good customers and really partners moving forward. So we are able to offer and lock in some favorable long term pricing right now. So please see the link below to fill out […]
  • How can I schedule a demo and what can I expect from one?
    Watch below to hear from co-founder Eric Christensen to learn more about demos. Transcript: Hey, Eric Christensen here with IVO Systems, enjoying the beautiful April weather, unseasonably warm here in Wisconsin, the state capital, and wanted to touch base with you about what can you expect with setting up a demo with IVO Systems. We really, to start off, understand the construction industry and want to help move the construction industry forward. We know what accounting software is out there. We know what building software is out there. And frankly, we created an operations software for your day to day […]
  • Does my company need experience working with software to use IVO Systems?
    At IVO Systems, we are trying to move the heavy civil construction industry forward with our software, and we understand that there’s many companies who don’t have any software because they aren’t sure if it will meet their specific needs.  Even if your company has no experience, using IVO Systems is easy to understand and implement, and we are here to help every step of the way. With our combined heavy civil industry experience, we’ve created IVO Systems to translate what your needs are into a single source of truth, and not having experience with software is not an issue […]
  • What special features does IVO Systems have?
    At IVO Systems, we like to think of Gall’s Law when we describe what our core values are for our software. Gall’s Law states that “all complex systems that work evolved from simpler systems that worked. If you want to build a complex system that works, build a simpler system first, and then improve it over time.” We created our software to be as simple and as user friendly as possible, and that is what makes our software special. Eric and Bob’s experience in the heavy civil construction industry- running operations and managing equipment- has given us the knowledge to […]
  • Who is not our ideal customer?
    If your company is too small- with only five pieces of equipment and under 10 employees, you don’t need software to help track and manage your company. You can use software such as Excel or even a legal pad with smaller numbers, but once you get to a certain level and add bigger branches or divisions with more employees and equipment, you are going to need a platform like IVO Systems to help you keep track. On the contrary, companies that are too large, with international branches and tons of employees, are most likely going to be too big for […]
  • Customer Testimonial: C.W. Kick with Midwest Mole
    C.W. Kick is the equipment manager at Midwest Mole, a boring tunneling, directional drilling and railroad services construction company. Midwest Mole completes heavy civil construction projects across the country and C.W. takes care of buying, selling, fixing, storing and transporting their heavy equipment and is in charge of their shop trucking operations and yard. C.W. has over 20 years of experience in the heavy civil construction industry and the heavy equipment market. Why did you choose IVO Systems’ platform over other software options? I think the biggest reason is just the simplicity, kinda always have a joke when it comes […]
  • Why is IVO more useful for my company than using a platform like Excel?
    For a company of the right size, IVO Systems is an improvement over Excel or Google Spreadsheets. These tools are often used to manage equipment, preventative maintenance schedules and employee information and they are helpful for keeping track of data. But with these tools, you’re bound to have errors, and tracking history when issues arise can be challenging. By using IVO Systems and aggregating all of this information- your equipment, your preventative maintenance, employee schedules- it is much easier to figure out where things are and what needs to be done. IVO Systems allows you to have a historical record […]
  • How long is a contract? How do I make payments?
    At a minimum, we do one-year contracts with new customers who want to use our software. This is a long-term commitment by both parties, and we want to provide our operational software for your company and give adequate time to use it and understand how it works. We want partners who understand what it’s going to take to implement the software and are actively trying to use software to improve their operations. Although one year is minimum for us, we’ve had customers that have found that IVO Systems is a good fit for them and vice versa, and have signed […]
  • Can you collect hour meters and manage mixed fleets?
    We understand that most companies work with mixed fleets of equipment- with different manufacturer and third party GPS telematics, and other equipment without any ‘GPS tracking’. At IVO Systems, we created our platform to manage any type of equipment. If you have GPS telematics enabled equipment we aggregate GPS telematics data and present them in an easy-to-review format for your convenience. With this layout, you can easily tackle any issues with equipment or specific units as soon as they arise. In addition to this capability, our platform allows you to manage equipment manually moving locations and enter hour meters in […]
  • How is IVO Systems different from HCSS and B2W?
    Many of our customers already use HCSS products, specifically HeavyBid and HeavyJob. We recommend those products for bidding your work and tracking how your bid is playing out with daily time cards for each bid. Those products are great, and we are not competing in the bidding or detailed time card market. We see our value in providing services that help you track, dispatch and maintain your equipment. We provide a price for your entire company to have access to the software- for tasks such as scheduling employees, any project notes, and many other features. We focus on improving and […]
  • IVO System software updates and bug fixes
    At IVO Systems, co-founder Bob Lien developed our software in-house, and we built our platform to be as simple as possible. We have a combined 25 years of experience in the heavy civil construction industry, and we’ve had our fair share of software that over-complicates our needs. We know what we want out of our software, and we’ve worked hard to eliminate any unnecessary features in order to streamline our platform and make it as efficient as possible. If you come across any bugs or issues while using IVO Systems, we make ourselves available to help you and resolve any […]
  • What are the challenges of managing heavy equipment?
    Co-founders Eric Christensen and Bob Lien both used to work in the field and office at a heavy civil company, and were frustrated with the information gap between the two. There’s a lot of steps taken to ensure you have the right equipment- calling the dispatcher, talking with the foreman and other operators, all to make sure you know where the equipment is located. We didn’t like having to chase down equipment, and we knew there was a better way. We like to think of our software as an online magnet board. If you have many pieces of equipment you […]
  • What experience do our co-founders have and why did they want to create IVO Systems? Bob Lien
    Bob Lien is one of the co-founders of IVO Systems. His background is in the heavy civil construction industry, and he has experience as a web software developer. At his last position, Bob helped manage the heavy equipment fleet and dealt with a lot of software, including leading the implementation of HCSS Equipment360.   Bob was not satisfied with the options that were available for software, due to their high costs and their lack of features that were necessary. He and Eric then partnered to create IVO Systems- a software solution that would fill these gaps.  IVO Systems help customers get […]