About IVO

IVO Systems was created to be a single source of truth that is reliable, easy to use, and is regularly reviewed and updated by our team to ensure simplicity for our users. Co-founders Bob Lien and Eric Christensen founded IVO in 2019 after facing continuous frustration with the information gap between the field and office on construction sites.

After years of experience, we found that construction is prime for disruption- and we had the opportunity and knowledge to change the industry.

Our confidence in our software is rooted in our combined experience across the construction industry, starting from a young age. We both grew up in construction, and carried that practice into our careers.

Having experience in both a software developer and engineer, Bob Lien brings a unique talent to IVO. His expertise in software development has allowed IVO to be developed in-house with precision and care. Bob has 15 years of experience as a full stack software developer, and 12 years of experience in heavy civil construction, most recently as an equipment manager.

Eric Christensen has 10 years of experience in civil engineering and construction, as a senior estimator, project manager, and engineer, along with business development and sales experience.

At IVO Systems, our customers are our priority and we truly care about keeping our software as easy to use and affordable as possible.

Bob Lien


Howard has over 10 years of experience as an estimator, project manager & assistant equipment manager in the construction industry. He has led software integration projects for large construction companies. Industry experience and experience developing web applications for the construction industry has allowed IVO to develop applications that are easy to use and have the features you really need.


Eric Christensen, P.E., LMP, CST


Eric is a Professional Engineer and has over 10 years of experience in the construction industry. He previously served as senior estimator for one of the largest grading and road construction contractors in Wisconsin. Eric has experience at every level of management in the construction industry.