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Schedulers and dispatchers face the demanding responsibility of coordinating the locations of individuals and equipment. However, this task often becomes time-consuming and difficult without access to accurate and up-to-date information. At IVO Systems, we understand the challenges and ever-changing environment you face on a daily basis.

Schedulers and dispatchers are constantly being bombarded with numerous texts and calls, asking for basic information and constant clarifications. Furthermore, you face the mental strain of effectively optimizing equipment and workers without adequate technical support.

We have personally witnessed and experienced the exact issues mentioned above. That's why IVO Systems offers solutions designed to alleviate most of this stress.

Our founders boast over 30 years of industry experience. They have firsthand knowledge of the chaotic nature of the scheduling and dispatching process. Drawing from this experience, we have developed software modules that directly address and simplify these essential processes.


IVO Systems provides a comprehensive set of modules that optimize and streamline the scheduling and dispatching process. ScheduleVO provides a classic magnet board view for easy point and click daily and weekly scheduling. Including the ability to send out instantaneous text notifications for scheduling updates and changes, and provide specialized project notes for certain individuals.

Comparatively, DispatchVO allows for simplified electronic dispatch tickets, historical data log, and a text notification system for equipment and material moves.

TrackVO works with DispatchVO to update equipment locations and information. This can be further optimized with telematics equipment to ensure live updates on a map view to see where all your equipment is. To learn more about how this works, visit TelematicsVO.  

Daily Schedule Magnet board for employee scheduling.


Schedulers and Dispatchers who have used IVO Systems for their needs have noticed increased employee and equipment scheduling efficiency, fewer calls and texts about project logistics from employees, and enhanced workflow through the company.

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"An easy way to track equipment locations, dispatch equipment, and schedule personnel."

- Jim CRowley, VP, Parisi Construction

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