• Stay informed with an all encompassing maintenance dashboard
  • Easily create, manage, and assign PMs and work orders
  • Manage parts lists, documents, specs, historical records, and more in one accessible location
  • Information is constantly being added to create detailed, up-to-date reports and records
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Maintenance Made Easy

Simplify Your Maintenance Workflow

Tracking work orders and preventative maintenance for heavy equipment is an incredibly challenging task for construction companies. Equipment is often spread across the state, the country and multiple job sites. In addition to locating equipment with TrackVO, you need to be on top of oil changes, equipment inspections, and other repairs that can get missed in the shuffle. By aggregating all of your information into MaintainVO, keeping up with maintenance is easy.

Mechanic doing preventative maintenance on equipment
Mechanic's truck approaching excavator

Stay Ahead on Preventative Maintenance

Create automated preventative maintenance schedules based on hours, mileage and/or dates. This then provides staff information to review upcoming work to be completed. Once completed, the system automatically updates the schedule.

The system allows your maintenance techs a straightforward way to record what they have done. Techs can then see the maintenance/repair history for any piece of equipment in the field, which increases the resale value of your fleet.

The success of MaintainVO is best exemplified by one of our first customers who was looking to hire someone to help manage equipment, locations, and preventative maintenance. They stated that IVO Systems' software did a better job managing the information than a person could; because, it aggregates information from many different sources.

MaintainVO Features

Real-Time Maintenance Management

MaintainVO makes it easy for you to create, manage, and review all aspects of your maintenance program. Managers and mechanics work together in the system to optimize your workflows. Set up custom alerts based your company's needs to make sure nothing gets missed.

Hour Meter Readings from Anywhere

In order to stay ahead of your Preventative Maintenance (PM) Schedule, it’s critical to have up-to-date equipment hour meters/odometers through manual entry, equipment inspections, employee schedule notifications, dispatch tickets, and telematics.

Literally anywhere.

Easily Manage Shop Operations

Managers and mechanics can easily create and complete PM’s and work orders. You can assign and prioritize your work to fit your operations. In addition, machine-specific information is easily reviewable with detailed reports and records. This keeps all your maintenance information in one accessible spot for easy review and updates.

Easily Access Maintenance Information

Your mechanics need to be able to access work orders and PMs, whether they’re in the shop or out in the field. MaintainVO keeps all parties informed of upcoming maintenance and open work orders, which can be easily seen via icons on TrackVO

You can also create, manage, and assign forms to be filled out with work orders. This ensures all work is done meeting necessary requirements. Finally, mobile access to all equipment information improves efficiency.

Effortless Machine Specs

MaintainVO allows you to manage parts lists, specifications, documents, photos, and more. Your team and third parties (if you choose) will have access to all relevant equipment information from any device.

Our simple implementation process and data import allows you to customize your PMs, alerts, documents, specifications, and levels of access based on your needs.

Integrations are available for a wide range of products. If you want learn more click here.