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We understand the challenges that come with running a business and managing daily operations. As a manager, your time is valuable, and it can be difficult to effectively keep track of all aspects of your business. That's why we developed IVO Systems, a solution designed to streamline operations and alleviate the burden of constant phone calls and planning meetings.

You already know what systems work for you and what information you need, but how do you collect, store, share, and review that data? With our software, you can oversee your business without the hassle of manual whiteboarding and managing out-of-date spreadsheets. IVO Systems organizes operations seamlessly, connecting the field to the office. What sets us apart is that our modules are developed by individuals who have personal experience in the construction field.

When our founders, Eric Christensen and Bob Lien worked as managers for a heavy civil contractor, they saw the need for simple easy-to-use operations software. As a result, they created IVO Systems to address these issues and provide a more efficient and effective solution for businesses like yours.  


IVO Systems provides a variety of modules that address these common issues owners and managers face daily, starting with TrackVO. This module allows for real-time equipment tracking so you always know where your assets are located in the field. Stop wasting time and money tracking down equipment through text and calls when there is a far easier solution.

You also need to know what state your machines are in, which is why we provide MaintainVO, a module dedicated to creating, managing, and reviewing all aspects of your maintenance and repair program.

And lastly, ScheduleVO allows you to efficiently allocate workers to specific projects through a simple, classic magnet board dashboard with a point and click interface. Never worry again about getting the right people to the right location.

While these modules are the most suitable to owners and managers, there are other supplementary products that work in conjunction to optimize your business processes. These other solutions can be found separately in our product pages.   

Report for job utilization by hour meter and equipment utilization rate.


With our software at IVO Systems, owners and managers have seen more profitability, improved operations organization and strategy, seamless workflows, and an overall increase in the availability of real-time insights that inform decision making at all levels.  

"Could not be happier, we wish we would have found it sooner!"

- Mike Hackel, VP, Homburg Contractors INC.

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