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  • Create and manage custom equipment inspection forms
  • Use inspection forms to monitor compliance with regulations
  • Assign forms to equipment classes or specific equipment
  • Manage a historical record of equipment inspections
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Eliminate Paper Forms

Improve Equipment Inspection Work Flow

It’s simple to build your custom equipment inspection forms and assign them to heavy equipment groups or individual pieces. Field employees can fill out forms from any device from their custom user dashboard or a schedule notification.

Action items and repair requests will instantaneously show up in your maintenance dashboard and you’re able to easily add those to work orders. IVO Systems allows you to streamline the process from gathering the information from the field to managing repairs in the shop.

A historical record is created and allows you to monitor compliance with your equipment inspection requirements.

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EqInspectVO Features

Create Equipment Inspection Forms

With EqInspectVO, you can easily create equipment inspection or down equipment forms. These forms can be assigned and then completed by field personnel on their mobile devices.

You can then use the equipment inspection form report to monitor compliance with your inspection requirements.

Collect and Manage Equipment Inspection Forms

Provide easy access to all necessary forms whether it is a DOT pre/post, MSHA, Insurance, or Company form. Eliminate any excuses for delayed, lost, or incomplete paper forms.

Review ScheduleVO to see who has and who has not filled out daily equipment inspections in real time to create accountability.

Integrations are available for a wide range of products. If you want learn more click here.