• Classic magnet board view for easy point and click daily and weekly scheduling
  • Instantly send out text and/or email notifications to employees and subcontractors
  • Notifications include map pin drops, notes, coworkers, equipment on-site, and more
  • Eliminate the information gap between the field and the office
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Eliminate Scheduling Chaos

Scheduling Made Easy

Your schedule is constantly changing, often due to circumstances outside your control. Your team needs real-time updates to stay informed and productive.

ScheduleVO provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to efficiently allocate resources to specific projects. Give you phone some idle time with our automated employee notification system.

Group of construction employees
Two field employees talking

Real Time Schedule Updates

Our scheduling system offers text notifications to keep your field personnel informed in real-time. Updates and finalized schedules are automatically sent, ensuring effective communication and keeping everyone on the same page.

Contractors already use texting to communicate. Now, using ScheduleVO you can eliminate field implementation headaches. An interactive interface allows field employees to have directions to the job, enter hour meters, fill out equipment inspections, upload project photos and notes, and more right from the text message.

When schedules change, our system promptly sends updates, enabling your team to adapt to evolving project requirements.

ScheduleVO Features

Seamless Schedule Changes

With ScheduleVO, you can build schedules in a classic magnet board view for your employees and add crew and individual notes. You can then instantly send text or email notifications to the crew members when things are finalized and/or updates need to be sent.

You can easily filter and search for resources by group, streamlining resource allocation based on specific criteria. By identifying unassigned resources, you can optimize resource utilization, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. Daily schedule notifications are sent to your field personnel, equipping them with the necessary information to get their work done.   

Communicate with the Field

ScheduleVO includes many features to simplify the scheduling process for all parties including copying crews and the days’ schedules. Customers love the ability to send custom text messages for things like rain delays and other unforeseen events.

From the text message, field employees are able to access Google Map pin drops, coworker contact information, daily notes, project plans and documents, equipment on-site, scheduled equipment moves, equipment specifications, and more.

You can also send subcontractor text notifications where you have the ability to limit how much information is shared and accessible (along with employees as needed).

Optimize Field Adoption

Through ScheduleVO's interactive text notifications field employees are able to add hour meter readings, add fuel, fill out equipment inspections and project/safety forms, upload project notes and photos, and more.

Eliminate the time gap between when an issue arises in the field and when management is notified. IVO Systems understands it's critical for field employees to easily adopt new software and ScheduleVO does that.

Navigating Changing Landscapes

Don’t get stuck dealing with spreadsheets when scheduling employees and contractors. The construction industry is ever changing and unstable. IVO provides a simple and easy tool to communicate where workers should be without the hassle of changing circumstances creating chaos in day-to-day operations. Eliminate the confusion with IVO Systems’ ScheduleVO.

All construction companies face challenges when scheduling their employees and crews. It’s time consuming to create schedules and then when things inevitably change, you have to track down and notify employees.  

Integrations are available for a wide range of products. If you want learn more click here.