• Track Utility Locates (811) with ease
  • Easy access to Utility Locate information from anywhere on any device
  • Improve communication and documentation management process
  • Allow field employees to easily upload photos and more
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UtilityLocateVO Everything in One Place

Collaboration Improves Efficiency

Nobody likes scheduling a crew only to find out their locates weren't cleared to dig. Your entire team can access the information they need in real time.

Coming from the industry, we understand how difficult and frustrating Utility Locate management can be. You need to access and review this information regularly to ensure you're legal to dig.

Two field employees doing utility work
Concrete marked with utility location paint

Gather Information from the Field

Ensure you collect and manage all relevant information in one place to help you refute utility strike / damage claims.

At IVO Systems, we pride ourselves on providing the software platform that our customers need to eliminate the information gap between the field and the office and improve operations.

UtilityLocateVO Features

811 Essential Information

Utility locates (811) are a legal necessity and a tracking nightmare for contractors. Therefore, we added an easy-to-use module that provides the critical one call / diggers hotline information to everyone who needs it, where and when they need it.

Managers can quickly create tickets and relocates, check dates, and review notes, photos, and history as needed.

Field employees can then review, access, and add information to diggers hotline tickets from ScheduleVO notifications from any device.

Integrations are available for a wide range of products. If you want learn more click here.