• Gannt chart view for equipment allocations by specific piece of equipment and equipment group.
  • Easily update and change plans with intuitive controls.
  • Custom views / durations to review weekly to yearly plans.
  • Schedule / review by equipment group or by projects to understand resource availability and requirements.
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EqPlannerVO Gannt Chart view for long term equipment planning and scheduling.

Reduce Rentals and Project Delays

You Need to Know WHAT Equipment resources you have and where they are going.

Gain a comprehensive overview of FUTURE equipment plans and needs on a single intuitive page.

Determine what resources are available by to complete your work, and reduce overallocation and the need for rentals when completing long-term planning and easily updating.

Excavator and dump truck
Equipment as a road side construction site

Efficient Allocation & Updates of Long-Term Equipment Management & Planning

Improve the visibility of what work you have planned, knowing the minute you complete the plan it will be wrong and need to be updated again -- and that's OK.

A long-term plan helps you understand what could happen and make sure you stay on schedule, while also reducing you depending on rentals.

Your long term plan and short term equipment plans are two different 'seperate' schedules but can still be related with what is happening right now.

EqPlannerVO Features

Streamline Your Equipment Planning

EqPlannerVO helps you manage long-term equipment schedules (often referred to as bidding schedules) to determine what resources are needed.

You can schedule specific equipment or schedule a 'group entry' by equipment class, which can be easily specified later.

Easy Updates and Modifications

From experience, we understand how often things change in the heavy civil industry. EqPlannerVO allows for quick updates with drag, drop and extend capabilities.

A simple, but robust option for scheduling equipment that reference you existing equipment fleet including rentals (with purchase of RentalVO).

Stand-alone but related Equipment Schedule

EqPlannerVO is a separate (stand-alone) schedule, but related to TrackVO since it pulls current equipment location data from TrackVO and can push data to True-Up TrackVO.

You can also create DispatchVO equipment move tickets from within EqPlannerVO.

Integrations are available for a wide range of products. If you want learn more click here.