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As an equipment manager, we understand the struggles that you face on a daily basis. From not knowing the current status of your equipment, to managing PMs and work orders, and even not having up-to-date records or equipment inspection forms readily available.

Stop being uniformed about machine specifics. Get a solution that gives you all the real time data and insights you need, to take care of your fleet. IVO Systems provides easy-to-use construction software which addresses all of these issues you face and improves communication within your company.  

With previous experience in the industry, our owners Eric Christensen and Bob Lien know how important the role of an equipment manager is to the success of a company. We provide solutions that ensure that the company's equipment is being efficiently utilized, maintained, and properly managed.


IVO Systems provides a select collection of software modules that ensure simplicity and efficiency in the shop. First and foremost, you need to know what state your machines are in and when they are going to need preventative maintenance. This is why we created MaintainVO, a module dedicated to creating, managing, and reviewing all aspects of your maintenance and repair program. Avoiding costly repairs and equipment downtime is essential in making sure your projects are profitable and successful.

EqInspectVO is a module dedicated specifically to creating and managing custom equipment inspection forms. Instantly be made aware of problems via form notifications and handle the entire repair process through IVO Systems.

In addition, traditional CMMS software is typically not utilized by anyone outside of your shop managers and mechanics. By using TrackVO, your entire company knows where your equipment is and where it is going at all times.

Finally, you get up-to-date hour meters because everyone in the company is using the software. There are various ways to manually enter hours but we can also update the system with your existing telematics data (TelematicsVO).

Equipment Maintenance Dashboard showing equipment due for service.


Equipment managers who use IVO Systems enjoy the benefits of having real time field data about their equipment that informs maintenance decisions, increases in equipment uptime, improves inspection form collection and repair process. Overall, creating a less chaotic and more organized process in a job that is very difficult to do.

"It’s very nice to be able to pull up a piece of equipment. What is this thing? What's it weigh? Where’s it at? What’s wrong with it? All of these things become a little easier to deal with."

- C.W. Kick, Equipment Manager, Midwest Mole

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