• Simplified electronic dispatch tickets
  • Optimize your workflow from request to completion
  • Manage, prioritize and update your dispatch team in real time with text and email notifications
  • Documentation on tickets creates historical data log
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Dispatch with Confidence

Navigating Complex Equipment Moves

There are many ways to keep track of dispatching equipment, including using a lowboy with an in-house driver or third-party driver. Sometimes equipment moves require oversize loads tickets, specific routes, or specific on-site deliveries.

All this information is a lot to keep track of, and things can change quickly in the construction industry. We created DispatchVO, an extension of TrackVO, to work together and help construction companies understand where their equipment fleet is located and where it's going next.

Lowboy transporting equipment
Equipment loaded and ready to be moved

Spend Your Time Where it Counts

We know that communication between the field and office is important, especially when it comes to dispatching and moving heavy equipment. This can be quite the struggle during busy seasons when moves happen often and things can change quickly.

Notifying the field team and specific lowboy drivers that equipment needs to be moved is incredibly important in these cases. DispatchVO allows you to schedule, track, and prioritize future equipment moves and then relay that information to and from the field via text or email alerts.

DispatchVO Features

Simplify Equipment Moves

Your heavy equipment dispatching process doesn’t have to be complicated with dozens of phone calls and texts.  

Dispatching is a critical part of your operations that needs to be optimized to meet your schedules and production goals.  Update internal and external dispatch teams with text and/or email notifications.

With DispatchVO, an extension of TrackVO, it’s easy to set up and assign dispatch tickets to your truck drivers from any device. You can also use DispatchVO for workflow planning to create unassigned and/or custom tickets.  

Instant Information Sharing

When things change, you can easily update the tickets, reassign, and re-order priorities across your company as needed. Create a workflow that meets your specific needs.

You can attach documents (oversize load tickets, truck route maps, photos, etc.) to your dispatch tickets, giving your entire team easy access to the information they need to move heavy equipment.

Keep Drivers Informed

Your drivers need specific information about their schedule and responsibilities. Drivers can access their tickets through their dashboard.

Drivers receive a pin drop locations, along with any custom notes, permits, and any other attachments. Drivers can also review equipment specifications.

Drivers can add hour meter readings and photos to a dispatch ticket. Then simply complete the move to update the entire system.

Data-Driven Decisions

All the information is easily accessible to your team to review historical moves/dates and make informed decisions on where to allocate your resources.

Integrations are available for a wide range of products. If you want learn more click here.