Getting Started

If you decide to move forward with IVO Systems, we provide you company-wide access with user defined permissions. We’ll help you import your data into the system, set up your projects, schedules, maintenance history, set user permissions and more.

Once your data is imported, we can begin training, whether that’s on a video call, on the phone, or in-person. You should be up and running within a month, depending on your records, availability and schedule.  

Finally, you’ll have access to our support team that will help you resolve any issues that come up or train new staff members. We’ll communicate any updates or fixes with you to make sure you are always in the know of what’s coming to the IVO Systems Platform.

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“[The process is] super simple. IVOs been really great to work with and made it pretty easy to get started. They’ve been there to answer questions along the way.”

- C.W. Kick, CEM, Equipment Manager, Midwest Mole
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Simplify IMPLEMENTAtion

Minimize Indirect Implementation Costs

During the implementation process, you send us your spreadsheets and we’ll set up meetings to review that information and use our industry specific experience to make sure you have set your data up correctly in the IVO platform to work for you now and in the future.

Since our software is customizable to each user’s login credentials, you have the ability to limit what features people have access to and only train people on one or two facets of the software that they need to use. This speeds up the training process and makes implementation very simple.

We’ve been thrilled to see our current customers have success with implementation, training, and employee adoption. On average, our customers are up and running within a week of us receiving necessary information.

IMplementation steps

How Does Implementation Work?

The implementation process for our software is quite simple. If you have current, up-to-date lists of your equipment and project locations for TrackVO, hour meters for MaintainVO, and employee lists for ScheduleVO we can very easily and quickly import that information into IVO Systems for you to start using our software right away.  

Often your existing spreadsheets contain the information required to get started in IVO Systems with a little work on our end. We can also provide you with excel spreadsheet templates or simply export the information to excel from your accounting software. All information is reviewed prior to importing by IVO Systems to minimize any issues and get started with a solid foundation prior to training your staff.

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