Midwest Mole Discovers the Benefits of Easy-to-Use Operations Software

March 2021
C.W. Kick smiling


C.W. Kick is the equipment manager at Midwest Mole, a boring tunneling, directional drilling, and railroad services construction company. Midwest Mole completes heavy civil construction projects across the country while C.W. takes care of buying, selling, fixing, storing, and transporting their heavy equipment. He also oversees their shop trucking operations and yard. C.W. has over 20 years of experience in the heavy civil construction industry and the heavy equipment market.

The Problem

Easy-to-use software that works how you do is essential in having a larger company which has streamlined processes. You need optimized communication in order to make informed decisions in real time.  It can be tough to find and install the right operations software for your company. It means employees must change the way they've been doing things for a long time. As a manager, it might feel overwhelming to convince your team to make this change. But it's important to get everyone on board and explain how new software will make their daily work easier and more organized.  In addition to getting your team on board, you also need to make sure that your new software can work well with your existing systems. This includes integrating with other software like accounting or ERP systems, as well as your telematics-enabled hardware devices. Everything needs to work together smoothly to ensure a successful operation.

The Solution

IVO Systems presents an easy-to-use and reliable platform that streamlines operations at the highest level, so you and your company can get real-time information to make informed decisions just like Midwest Mole. Our comprehensive software modules address everything including equipment tracking, maintenance recording, scheduling/dispatching, custom equipment inspection forms, and much more. You don’t have to worry about your employees being able to use this software. Unlike many of the other operations software solutions, we prioritize ease of use and simplicity. Having founders who worked in the industry, it was important for them to build software that included all the features they wished they had. IVO System’s software has the ability to integrate with most third-party and OEM solutions that currently exist on the market. This means you don’t have to worry about any effects implementing this new solution has on your previous ones. Just another feature that distinguishes IVO’s reliability when it comes to a solution that works how you do.

Where Reliability and Simplicity Win

Simplicity and reliability are crucial aspects when it comes to our operations software. We ensure our software is user-friendly and easy to understand, reducing the learning curve for everyone who has access. With a straightforward interface and limited feature access depending on role, you and your team can quickly grasp its functionalities, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.  

“I think the biggest reason [we chose IVO Systems} is just the simplicity... I like to keep things sometimes caveman simple. And I think that’s the biggest key, it’s intuitive and a lot of things are real simple to navigate through, which the easier the process is, the better the results.”

Equipment Maintenance Info in the Palm of Your Hands

Equipment managers face the challenge of accessing reliable information promptly to make informed decisions regarding maintenance. Given the demanding nature of their job, they require a system that efficiently tracks vast amounts of information, including numerous texts and calls they receive on a daily basis. IVO Systems offers a solution that reduces the burden of such communication and provides a more streamlined and efficient approach. By implementing IVO Systems, equipment managers can effectively manage and organize information, allowing them to make logical and educated decisions with ease, ultimately enhancing their overall maintenance processes.

"You know, [the information is] right there at your fingertips. We had a long history of Midwest Moles stashing, stashing all sorts of notes on equipment, different places. And we have a bit of a running joke around here that it’s in the P Drive, which is the mythical place where everything goes to be stored. But in seriousness, it’s very nice to be able to pull up a piece of equipment, you know someone in the field, superintendent, anybody in the office, eliminates a lot of questions and phone calls. What is this thing, what's it weigh? Where’s it at? What’s wrong with it? All of these things become a little easier to deal with.”

Dispatch and Track Equipment with Ease

You need to get your trucks where they need to go, and eventually know where they will end up. IVO System’s TrackVO and DispatchVO allow you to do both of these things seamlessly. These modules allow you to dispatch vehicles to certain sites, and eventually find equipment locations for the next project. Keeping everything in one spot allows for the operators to navigate complex moves through one dashboard.

“I like the fact that it’s easy to navigate, it’s easy to get through. Along those same lines, I like the fact that you can see all the equipment on one page and very quickly. You can schedule [equipment] moves, and it’s very easy to train people how to use. It kind of just falls back to that original thing, the easier it is to use, the better its gonna work.”

Swift and Simple Implementation

After finalizing your purchase with IVO Systems, our staff works tirelessly to get you up and running immediately with the proper training. We work with you to understand and learn about our technology, so you can utilize it right away to its highest potential. And any questions you may have will be answered quickly.

“{The process is] super simple. I’ve had the benefit of pregaming some of it with Bob a little bit before we got to it. But it’s really easy. IVOs been really great to work with and made it pretty easy to import equipment. And then they’ve been there to answer questions on the way.”