How Monona Plumbing and Fire Saved Time and Eliminated Spreadsheets

December 2020
Monona Plumbing Truck with employee


Mitch Urbanowicz manages the site utility and earthwork division for Monona Plumbing and Fire. In addition to managing their fleet of heavy equipment for earthwork and plumbing divisions, he has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and heavy equipment market. Here is how Mitch and Monona Plumbing and Fire optimized their operations.

The Problem

A common issue that plagues many construction companies worldwide is the use of spreadsheets when trying to manage large-scale operations. If you have a larger company, this method is extremely outdated and hard to keep track of. With the amount of heavy machinery, tools, workers, project sites, etc., things can spiral out of control really fast. You need a platform that is meant for this type of work.

Another issue with spreadsheets is the time-consuming nature of them. Having to manually input data is very tedious, you oftentimes have to call and text workers to get the details needed for important project information. This leads to more time wasted on logistics rather than working on the actual project. In construction you need real time insights to make informed decisions.

The Solution

IVO Systems is here to combat these issues specifically. With our co-founders having experience in the field and having to use these poor methods of collecting information, they set out to create an easy-to-use solution that saves time and money by addressing those pain points.

And the greatest part is, if you are already using spreadsheets to manage your operations, you can easily send them to our team for an easy implementation process. We simply collect them and input your data into the system so we can have your company up and running in no time. That is the IVO way; simple and reliable.  

The Affordable and Compatible Option

We at IVO Systems pride ourselves on being able to integrate with most OEM and third-party telematics devices, so you never need to worry about having the “correct” devices with us. We think software should be affordable, and work how the user does, not the other way around.

“A couple of reasons [we went with IVO], when I was first trying to implement something, we were just using spreadsheets and I couldn’t find anything that didn’t use either trackers, it was you had to have GPS trackers on your equipment or it was part of a larger software package that was extremely expensive and complicated. So that’s why I went with IVO Systems.”

Spend Time on the Things That Really Matter

Spreadsheets are suitable for small companies with minimal workers and equipment, and we realize that it is a good solution for a smaller-scale business.  However, if your company has more than 15 people and more than 10 pieces of equipment, we recommend getting a software solution to start organizing your assets.

IVO introduces an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that allows you to manage all the assets you have. With nine modules, we provide support in a variety of areas: Equipment tracking and dispatching, employee/crew scheduling, preventative maintenance tracking, custom equipment forms, utility locates, and much more on the way. These modules will save you time and money by not having to deal with spreadsheets to accomplish these tasks. With automatic updates and live reporting, IVO gives you the information you need to make the next important decision.

“We were using spreadsheets and the biggest thing was it was taking me a lot of time to go in and move the equipment on the spreadsheets. And then I was using a word document for the truck driver. Every day I had a separate sheet for him. And then I did that so I can go back and track or follow up on what I did in the past. So, it was taking me a large amount of time to try and keep all the stuff separate. And then everyone was just sending me their information and expected me to figure out which machines they were using and what was going on. So that’s why I went that way.”

Get the Most Out of Equipment Tracking and Dispatching

To put it simply, if you want your trucks and equipment to reach their proper destinations and know when and where they are, IVO System's TrackVO and DispatchVO can help you do that with ease. These features let you send your drivers to specific places and keep track of where your equipment is located. Having everything in one place means operators can easily manage complicated moves using a single dashboard.

“[My favorite part is] definitely the equipment tracking and the truck driver dispatching, it’s easy and is the reason we use it. I’ve got three superintendents that go in and put their own equipment moves, and then I just go in once a day at the end of the day and adjust when they need it for the truck driver. And then it really gets me out of the middle and lets them manage it.”

Accessible by Any Mobile Device, Anywhere

No matter where your workers are, they can give you real time updates via text message, directly from their mobile devices in the field.

“[It’s great because of] the ease of use and the fact that it’s on our phones and everyone has access to it.”

Essential for Day-to-Day Operations

IVO Systems is for companies who need to keep track of multiple assets, no matter where they are. It’s simple and can be used by everybody no matter what level their knowledge of technology is. Whether it’s field employees, equipment managers, or operations staff, IVO Systems is a universal platform that is the solution to your day-to-day operations software needs.

“Anybody that’s moving stuff with trucks or has to keep track of equipment and dispatch trucks, I would say could utilize it. And then at what point would someone need to start using it? I’d say once you're to the point where you’re moving equipment every day, it’s so much easier to keep track of it. I mean, you get a quick one click of your phone and you can figure out where machines are at and know for sure that’s where it’s at. It’s been easy. I mean, my guys aren’t necessarily computer guys, and they had no trouble learning to use it. And it works.”

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